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Relocating from one house to another or from one state to another can be exciting and yet stressful at the same time. Regardless of the reasons for the move, be they personal, professional, upsizing, downsizing, to make room for new family members, for school or for a new job, the process of moving can be fraught with challenges, delays, and hard work. However positive the move may be for you, there will be times when you just wish it was over and done with so you could get back into a routine of living.

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Let’s face it. Cleaning and packing for a move can actually be quite fun and rewarding. It can help you to downsize your clutter and prioritize things to be moved. One of the most burdensome aspects of moving is the loading and unloading of the truck and moving your precious belongings to the new location intact. Between renting a truck, begging a friend or family member to come and help, and the back-breaking work of lifting heavy or cumbersome items on and off the moving truck, the actual loading and unloading of your household or office can be exhausting. 

Phoenix Moving Company is here to help. Offering all kinds of moving services in and around the Phoenix, AZ area, we have perfected the art of the stressless move for every client. It is our mission to expertly pack (if necessary), load, unload, and move all of your personal stuff so that you don’t have to lift a finger. We do this with the intention of making sure that all of your precious things arrive in place with no harm done to your irreplaceable belongings. Whether you are looking for residential, commercial, apartment, furniture, or heavy item moving such as safes and pianos, Phoenix Moving Company can handle even the most difficult of transitions.  

Phoenix Moving Company

Residential Movers

Whether your move is from a home to a new home across the city, or crossing state lines to a new journey out of state, Phoenix Moving Company can get the job done. Our skilled Phoenix movers are hand-selected to be of the highest quality of reliability and trustworthiness. They are efficient, yet cautious and work to accomplish the task quickly while paying close attention to all your important keepsakes. Our moving trucks can handle any size move. Your items are insured as required by state and federal law when you work with us as your licensed and bonded moving company.

We offer a packing service that is separate from the loading and unloading moving rates. We are happy to expertly pack all of your belongings with bubble wrap as needed and we’ll clearly write the contents of each box on it and place it in the appropriate room upon unloading in your new location. There’s no need to unload all of your drawers in your dressers and tables unless they are at risk of being damaged by the contents. Understanding all that you will be juggling on the day of your move, we can support you to be able to relax and focus on your move rather than handling all the tiny details.

Residential Moving

Commercial Moving

Moving your business is even more stressful than a home move in some cases. Being a small business ourselves, we fully understand the negative impacts of business downtime when it comes to productivity and profitability. We know that you need a team of Phoenix movers that can get the move done quickly so your business can resume operations. That is why we will work hard to get it done fast while also paying close attention to keeping your office furniture and products safe from damage. Depending on the scope of the project, we will assign 1-3 man teams of strong, fit, and reliable Phoenix movers to make sure we have the muscle to move the tough stuff.

For those businesses that have heavy, cumbersome office items such as copiers, tanning beds, golf carts, gun safes, or other big items, we pay special attention to securing these larger items so that way, we can get your commercial move done without incident. We’ll bring all the paper pads and moving blankets to make sure that not even a scratch will harm your inventory. As your trusted commercial movers, we will always be on time without rescheduling to take on another client so that we can make sure you are in your new location on-time. We will expertly place your inventory into your new location with ease and confidence. No matter what your business may be, we can take on the challenge. Hire the top Phoenix movers today!

Commercial Moving

Apartment Movers

Apartments can be even trickier than homes and businesses to move. There are usually stairs, elevators, tight walkways, curbs, and parking issues to maneuver when loading and unloading. There are other tenants to move through including hallways and in parking lots. There are UPS trucks and utility vehicles to work around when you live in a highly-populated apartment complex. All of that can make an apartment move more time consuming and restrictive than a single-family home. Hiring professional Phoenix movers is one of the best ways to make your apartment move easier, faster, and less stressful. For local or cross country moves, we can truly go the extra mile to make your apartment move a breeze for you.

Our trained, expert movers will help you plan everything from the packing to the unloading and everything in between. We can even give you resources on move out cleaning services so that once your belongings are loaded and you are ready to make the drive to your new place, you can leave the apartment behind you and turn over the final move out clean up to a professional cleaning company. We have our own trucks that can handle any size of move. Or we can load and unload any truck you may have rented such as U-Haul, Penske, Budget, and ABF UPACK Trucks, as well as PODS, UNITS, and Pack-Rat portable storage containers. No job is too large or too small for our Phoenix movers to lend a hand and make your transition as easy as possible.

Apartment Moving


Full-Service Solution

Furniture Movers

Perhaps you have most of your move handled yourself and you just need help with a few stubborn items of furniture. Phoenix Moving Company can handle all your awkward, heavy, or oddly shaped furniture so that you can leave the hefty stuff to us. From gym equipment to sofas, recliners to king-sized mechanical or adjustable beds, garage storage items like bookcases, or heavy entertainment centers, our Phoenix movers have the expertise to make sure that none of your expensive living, dining, or bedroom furniture is damaged during your move. 

Many people hire us just to handle the big stuff such as a piano. Pianos are expensive, delicate, and extremely heavy to move. Pianos can be severely damaged if they are not stowed and secured properly in the truck. Piano servicing can also be expensive and hard to find if anything causes harm to it in the process. Your piano might even have sentimental value as a family heirloom, so we know it is something precious to you. We have a platform on wheels so that your piano legs and wheels are not used in the process of moving. We also provide all the right blankets and expert packing to ensure safe moving of your heavy items such as a piano. We can recommend piano tuners in your area to fine-tune your piano once it is placed in your new home.

Furniture Movers

Safe Movers

Safes are heavy for a reason: to make them hard to steal. That quality is what also makes a safe hard to move when it comes time for you to relocate. We have all the right equipment to secure your safe in the truck. We can load and unload it without damage to your wood floors and white walls. We will protect your safe from dents and scratches and expertly pack it to protect its contents as well. Our goal is to move with speed and caution combined so that your valuable time and money are used wisely while your keepsakes are kept safe.

Our safe movers wear all the appropriate lifting belts and back braces and they use all the proper straps and a hand truck or moving platform to get your heavy safe out of your home and into your new home without incident. We carry full insurance for our workers and your belongings as per state and federal regulations. We can make sure your safe is placed exactly where you want it in your new home so that you don’t have to move it again by yourself. No matter how large or heavy, we can make sure your safe is truly safe from harm during your move.

Safe Movers

Why Choose Phoenix Moving Company?

Choosing the right company to help you make your big move is important. You can always hire a buddy or two to help with your move in a U-Haul. However, that offers no legal protection for you or your belongings if something gets damaged. Accidents can happen. We know you have a dozen or more moving companies in the area to choose from, so how do you know if you’ve made the right decision on what company to hire? Here are some tips on what to look for in a moving company.

Make sure you choose Phoenix movers that are fully licensed and bonded to ensure that your family heirlooms arrive at their destination safely and intact. Pick a reputable company that offers flat rates on moving services with no hidden charges, taxes, or line items that can add up when the job is completed. Use a packing and planning checklist to make sure your free quote has all your heavy items listed and well-organized. Look up reviews and ratings online for your chosen company to make sure you are working with professionals that have an excellent reputation. With Phoenix Moving Company, you get all of these things with us and more.

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Stress-Free Moving

Phoenix Moving Company sets the gold standard for moving services in Phoenix, Arizona. Though many companies will advertise that they are the best Phoenix movers, they may not have the experience, knowledge, and accomplished team like we do at PMC. Our team stays completely in the loop throughout the process from quote to final move so that if you have questions or concerns, you know you can reach out to get answers. We offer free quotes that are as comprehensive as possible so that you can be in the know about the total cost before you make a plan. Though moves don’t always go as planned, you can rest easy knowing we will never nickel and dime you over your move.

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Moving is a daunting challenge no matter how much furniture and countless boxes of belongings you may own. Let us reassure you. You do not have to go at it alone. Reach out to us today through our website by email or phone call and let’s get you started on a quote for your next move be it across town or long distance. Our mission is to always go above and beyond the call of duty to make your move as stress-free as possible for you. We will communicate with you throughout the process to ensure that you feel comfortable, relaxed, and able to focus on all the details of your move rather than worrying about your precious belongings. Contact us for a free, no-obligation quote, and let’s get you moving!

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