Furniture Movers in Phoenix, AZ

The biggest challenge for anyone that takes on moving their belongings to a new house, apartment, or business is moving the bulky, oversized furniture that can break the bank and your back. Much of the larger, heavier and more expensive pieces to be moved include things like a piano, hot tub, L-shaped couch, oversized appliances, home gym pieces, and unwieldy wood bookcases and dressers. Your delicate and precious furniture was costly to purchase and is cumbersome to relocate when it comes time to move.

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Stress-Free Furniture Moving

Phoenix Moving Company specializes in moving the big stuff. When it comes to moving, it’s about three things: body strength and dexterity, seasoned experience, and proper gear. Being some of the best furniture movers in the area, we have the expertise, knowledge, and all the safety equipment to make any move a snap. When you need reliable, efficient help moving, reach out to us. Our staff members are friendly, fast, and trustworthy with the most delicate of belongings.

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Arizona’s Trusted Appliance Moving Company

Between handling the heavyweight of a refrigerator, for example, and dealing with how large and bulky it can be, it is not a fun job to take on yourself, even if you have the right-hand trucks and helpers to lean on. There is a proper way to handle moving delicate but large appliances such as washers and dryers, dishwashers, gas stoves, and refrigerators. Water and gas must be disconnected and drained out of each before they can be moved, stored, and relocated to your new home. If time is spent in the moving truck in extreme temperatures, it’s important to know how to maintain proper storage safety procedures for the appliances.

It is also important to secure these heavy items in the trucks up against walls so that they can be blanketed and bungeed with proper ropes to ensure that no damage is done to your expensive appliances. Finding the right appliance moving company to handle your expensive possessions can be a challenge. Many companies will advertise that they are the best, without having the experience to support the claim. In the future, you can rely on your trusted appliance moving company, Phoenix Moving Company, to handle the moving of all your oversized kitchen appliances.

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Specialized Furniture Moving

At Phoenix Moving Company, we have all the tools and training to cleanly dismantle and relocate even the largest and heaviest of your belongings. From the patio hot tub to the living room grand piano, we have the expertise and skills to help relieve you of the worry, stress, and backache you’ll have from trying to handle these items on your own. We offer furniture moving services at an affordable flat rate so you never have to guess about hidden charges. Leave the big, bulky, or delicate things to us and we will make sure they get to your destination without incident and in pristine condition.

Pianos and hot tub moving take a bit of extra care and caution, as they often have moving or delicate parts (either wood, ivory keys, piano strings, or wheels, motors, and fans) that can become broken if not moved carefully. Securing them carefully in the moving truck also requires some finesse and know-how. It requires the proper size and strength and softness when it comes to bungees, ropes, and blankets. Our expert piano movers never use the built-in wheels of a piano to move it. We can not only pack and move your hot tub or piano, but we can also set them up for your next soak or refer you to a piano tuner to help get your instrument back in playing shape once you’re settled in your new space.

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Commercial Furniture Moving Company

When it comes time to move your office across the city limit or state line, no one knows how to get the job done safely and efficiently like Phoenix Moving Company. Whether you have a warehouse of office furniture to move, or a huge retail inventory to break down, disassemble, load and move, unload and reassemble in the final location, we have the team that can make it happen swiftly and securely. We understand that time is money when it comes to your business getting back to business after a big move, so we work hard to get you going again without missing a beat.

Contact us to discuss your commercial move and we can offer you a quote based on your moving checklist. We have flat-rate available service packages to meet any business moving need. It is our mission to make your life better by taking the weight of your heaviest burdens off your shoulders.

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Full-Service Furniture Moving

We offer full-service move-in or out packages to meet every mover’s needs. Everything from tanning beds to copy machines, gun safes, to recreational vehicles of all sizes, you can leave it to us to move you safely and securely. We can help you pack your belongings as well and provide the boxes for moving your belongings, too. We have packages for flat-rate appliance moving that will fit your schedule and budget. We can also take a trip to storage with any of your storage items during your next move.

We can provide you with access to a full moving checklist to help you with organizing and prioritizing your items to be moved. It is our primary goal to relieve you of the stress, burden, and safety worries for your next move. Our fully licensed movers are fit, professional, and very helpful in order to get you moved in or out without struggle or strife.

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Why Choose Phoenix Moving Company?

Whether you are moving across town or to another state, we can help you with your move. Our trained staff of movers are all highly motivated workers, in good health, and are always well mannered and courteous. We have suggestions to help you to check off the boxes on all of your moving needs.

From packing services to specialty furniture, we are helpful and knowledgeable to make sure your move is easy and painless. We can provide you with all of the packing materials like boxes, bags, plastic wrap, and the highest quality blankets so as to never scratch your expensive furniture. We have all the right tools, hand trucks, and equipment so that you can always rely on our skills, attention to detail, and expert moving services.

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Contact us for more information about your specific needs for your move. Our online checklist will help you to get prepared and give us the most comprehensive view of your possessions and plans. Our 3-4 person team will be chosen based on the scope and size of your project. We can offer you a no-obligation, free consultation and quote. There will never be any hidden charges or add-ons when it comes to our rates and services.

Your quote and possible schedule can be ready for you right away so that you can rely on your budget and timeline. When you are looking for the best, highly skilled professional moving contractors in Phoenix, Arizona, you can rely on us to launch you home with the highest quality of service possible. Reach out to us by phone or email today.

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