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When it comes to moving, nothing is as daunting as trying to handle moving large, bulky, heavy pieces of furniture, appliances, and home safes. Between needing special, heavy-duty hand trucks to having the right kinds of blankets and ropes to secure it for the journey, you also need a lot of muscle, skill, and experience to tackle the tough stuff. Because of the sheer weight of a home safe, it is always recommended that you consider calling in the professionals to help you when it comes time to relocate.

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Stress-Free Safe Moving

Phoenix Moving Company is a specialist in moving these specific types of items from our years of experience handling every size and shape of safe imaginable. Our services are reliable, efficient, and affordable for any size and scope of move. No matter whether going across town, from state to state, or across the country, we have the right service to satisfy even the most discerning of customers. Our mission is to relieve you of the burden of carrying the heavy load of a safe when you find yourself having to move, regardless of the reason.

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Trusted Residential Safe Movers

Finding a safe moving company that is licensed, insured, and experienced enough to be able to handle your heavy safe can be a challenge. There are many companies that will claim to be the best in the business. Yet, we have found that not all of them can live up to their promises. At Phoenix Moving Company, we stake our reputation on being able to do what it is that we say we can do. Whether moving from a home or apartment, we aim to be your go-to safe movers for every kind of residence move.

We rely on word-of-mouth referrals to build our business, so we are highly motivated to make sure that your moving experience goes well from front to finish. Over the years, we have perfected the art of the stressless move as we like to treat our clients to worry-free moving experience each and every time. We offer a full line of moving services no matter what you might need, and we pride ourselves on going above and beyond your expectations with each move. It is our goal to provide all that you could want from a professional moving company. Please consider us to be your trusted residential safe movers.

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Commercial Safe Movers

Your office or business safe can be huge, heavy, and unwieldy to try to move by yourself. It also probably contains sensitive client information, monetary instruments, or expensive things like weapons, jewelry, or gold and silver. No matter what is inside of it, you need to be able to wholeheartedly trust your movers with the container and its contents. We strongly recommend that when it comes to your business safe, you should always hire a professional team like Phoenix Moving Company to make sure it is done properly and securely. You’ll be very pleased with our services.

We have the right equipment, training, and expertise to handle your safe moving job regardless of shape, size, or scope of move. We’ve handled everything from bank vault boxes to armory boxes filled with heavy weapons. We can secure the items inside with bracing and blankets to ensure that they remain in pristine condition for the duration of the journey. We also are vigilant to protect your floors, walls, and doors from dents and scratches while we move your safe in and out of your spaces. We always safeguard the containers as well and secure them in the moving truck to ensure they do not move during transport. It takes a lot of skill, followthrough, and experience to know how to handle those types of items, and we consider ourselves to be experts.

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Safe Movers with Liability in Mind

When you are moving a safe from a residence or from a commercial business, you always need to be mindful of the liability involved in handling expensive treasures. From causing damage to the safe itself, the home or office flooring and walls, or the contents of the safe, there are a lot of balls that can be dropped along the way from planning to execution of the move. It’s important to have all these things in mind to make sure you are covered in case of any incident or accident.

Safes can also be precarious to move, risking bodily harm to you or the movers. That is why we at Phoenix are so confident in our ability to provide expert safe moving services. We’ve never had an accident or injury occur during a move because we are prepared all along the way for any mishaps. Our 3-4 person moving team is made up of strong, fit, motivated workers that value you, your belongings, and their own health. So, we always come prepared with gloves, back braces, and hand trucks that can withstand the weight of your safe. Because we are licensed and fully insured as well, we are always trying to safeguard your safe as we would our own belongings.

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Why Choose Phoenix Moving Company?

When you are looking for the best, most efficient safe movers in the Phoenix, AZ area, you can trust Phoenix Moving Company to expertly execute a move for you. Our services are affordable, our movers are reliable and trustworthy, and our goal is to remove the burden from you so that you can rest easy knowing things will be handled properly along the way. From beginning to end, we aim to provide a stress-free safe move for you and your precious things.

Our online reviews and customer ratings are always at the top of the charts when we work with a customer. Though there are many companies that will promise the best work, we can follow through with all of our promises to you. Our commitment to excellent customer service sets us apart from other companies. We have flat-rate moving prices so that you always know what you are signing up for at the onset. There will never be any hidden charges that catch you off guard when you work with us.

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Reach out to us today for a free, no-obligation quote on moving your safe from place to place. Whether an in-town move or across the United States, we can accommodate your requests. We will listen to your needs and fulfill them to the best of our ability every time. Our friendly, efficient staff will help you with all the details of planning your move so that when the day arrives, you know that there will not be any surprises or mishaps to cause you trouble. We will always protect your belongings as if they were our own. That is our promise to you.

Call on us to relieve you of the stress, worry, and heavy burden of handling your safe move for you. We are ready to book your moving date with a signed contract and deposit. Contact Phoenix Moving Company for all of your moving needs and let us treat you to the most pleasant experience you could ever imagine when it comes to moving.

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